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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Healthy Way to Snack on Pani Puri

Pani Puri is undoubtedly the most famous street food and a popular snack in India. Generally, you can gorge on almost ‘n’ numbers of this popular snack and that too without any worries about calories. At least we also happen to know that this snack is almost free from cholesterol. And so it is not going to hurt your heart; but a too many might trouble your stomach. Pani Puri is equally famous across India and with Indians settled around the world. However, unlike other snacks it is not easy to prepare at home and even if you try, the taste you are mad about will remains amiss.

The street hawkers and road side shops seem to know the magical formula of preparing and serving perfectly spicy Pani Puri. But, as in case of any type of street food that we feel tempted for, there is a health risk attached. And same is true for this snack as well. It is just not that the street stalls selling this snack are ill maintained or the vendor is not concerned about hygiene; rather, the ingredients used have short shelf life and start deteriorating as soon as they are left out in open.

Then, it is not possible to prepare Pani Puri as you have loved them. Additionally, it is not always possible to drop in your favorite food chain that offers healthy and hygienic Pani Puris. So, what is the best way that you get to snack whenever you want and as much you want? Either, learn to prepare all by yourself, or just salivate on your thought.
But, not now, as Haldirams Online gives you the option to order your favorite Pani Puri through their ‘Ready To Eat’ section. Thus, all you need to do is to order as much as you require and it will be delivered at your doorstep. The package you will receive has all the ingredients that you need to savor your favorite snack. The quality of the product is undoubtedly the best and are prepared and stowed in most hygienic and healthy manner.

The package contains 6 pani puris (18gl), sweet tamrind sauce (24gl) pani puri water (190ml) & boondi (10g); and therefore, all you need is to open the pack and start savoring the Pani Puris. You can also store and preserve the contents if you wish to munch it on sometime later. The taste remains undiminished and with this ready to eat Pani Puri pack, you will never miss the street side stall and more importantly you do not risk your health to unhygienic food. 


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