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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Haldirams Wishes Happy Ram Navami to All

India is known for its celebrations, and more than any place on the earth, people in India have reasons to celebrate. Each and every month and almost each and every week you have one or the other festivity. Marking all important events of the year and important festivals and occasions is like a part of living in the Indian subcontinent.
The start of summer or the Hindi month of Chaithra is marked by one of the most auspicious festival of Ram Navami. It is the night day of the Chaithra and is celebrated as birthday of Lord Rama. The Human with superior qualities that the world reckons as Rama was born on this day.

This day is also celebrated as a day dedicated to bond of marriage and pious relation of men and women in their nuptial relationship. However, this is also dedicated to Rama and Sita as they lived as a married couple.
In India, the festivals are not just a way to remember the good reasons and deepen the trust in the mythological stories. Rather, it is a time to celebrate as they with full fervor. And this calls for lots of good food, sweets, sharing wishes and meeting with friends and relatives. In India, we all know how it is on each and every festival and how we all have loved and enjoyed every bit of those days.
Along with exchanging wishes, in India, it is customary to exchange sweets. These sweets are rather traditional options like, Gulab Jamun, Laddu, Rasgoola. Nowadays, people also prefer to exchange gift hampers as they contain both sweets and some namkeens. It gives them a feeling of gifting goodies that have balanced taste. However, no one in this country will mind just the sweets. Maximum people in India have sugar tooth. Then, it is advisable to consume sweets in a controlled manner ensuring we keep our health intact while celebrating festivals and other occasions.


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